Mandaris Moore

Safari showing the page with the new tool bar

I thought I would check out my old home page using the new version of Safari. I really still enjoy the clean look of the site. Maybe it's because I'm old and remember the old table and frames websites of the past.

Plus I don't need to make an money from it so there aren't any ads or banners.

Another sad moment for me.

When I got on my computer this morning, I saw the dialog that I wouldn't be able to update the Safari Preview that I've been using as my default browser.

I'm not too surprised as WWDC is next week and my Mid-2010 iMac cannot run Mojave and certainly won't be able to run whatever else is coming down the pipe.

I had just hoped that I would have more time to enjoy the new features since I can't get it running on my laptop.

For me, this is a causes a wedge between me and Apple.

Other browsers, such as Firefox1, allow you to have access to newer builds regardless of what OS you are running.

  1. I'm not a chrome hater but I just feel that we are in danger of having another browser monopoly situation. It's not "web-standards", if only one company is setting the rules.